Advice and Support for Procurement Officers

If you are involved in commissioning or procuring public sector contracts, the resources in this section will help you include social value throughout the commissioning process.


Scoring social value in IT and services contracts e-learning

This e-learning course (45mins) provides an overview of how to implement PPN 01/21 ‘Scoring Social Value’ in relevant services and IT contracts.  The course is aimed at staff involved in the commissioning, contract management or tender evaluation of procurement exercises.

  • By completing this course you will be able to:
  • Explain how you can score social value in public tender competitions;
  • Identify which social value approach you should use for a tender;
  • Choose the relevant themes and indicators to include on any given contract;
  • Evaluate social value as part of the tender process;
  • Outline how to manage the delivery of social value requirements

Scoring social value in IT and services contracts e-learning

Procurement Resources Construction

General construction

File Type Size Date
Notification-of-Contract-Award-Social-Value-2023 docx 70 KB 06 Oct 2023
Frequently Asked Questions docx 21 KB 02 Aug 2022

Scoring Social Value - Construction

File Type Size Date
Scoring-Social-Value-Model-text-for-Construction-Contracts-revised-Dec-23 docx 91 KB 15 Dec 2023
Social-Value-Delivery-Plan-Construction-Civils xlsx 18 KB 15 Dec 2023
Social-Value-Delivery-Plan-Construction-Build-1 xlsx 18 KB 15 Dec 2023
Scoring Social Value Guidance - Construction docx 74 KB 14 Dec 2021

Scoring Social Value - Construction-related Professional Services

File Type Size Date
Scoring-Social-Value-Model-Award-Criteria-points-based-approach-Professional-Services docx 38 KB 15 Dec 2023
Scoring-Social-Value-Model-text-for-Construction-Related-Professional-Services-Contracts docx 61 KB 15 Dec 2023
Social-Value-Delivery-Plan-Construction-Professional-Services-Contracts xlsx 17 KB 15 Dec 2023
Model Text for inclusion in the Specification and/or Invitation to Tender (alternative approach) docx 43 KB 28 Jul 2023
Model Award Criteria Professional Services (Alternative Approach) docx 60 KB 12 Oct 2022

Below Threshold contracts (not scored)

File Type Size Date
Post-Award-Social-Value-Delivery-Plan-Construction-Civils-non-scored- xlsx 18 KB 15 Dec 2023
Post-Award-Social-Value-Delivery-Plan-Construction-Build-non-scored- xlsx 18 KB 15 Dec 2023
Model-Text-for-inclusion-in-Construction-Contracts-500k-PCR-Threshold-non-scored docx 66 KB 15 Dec 2023
Guidance for including Social Value in Construction Contracts: £500k-PCR Threshold (non scored) docx 49 KB 14 Nov 2022