Join the Social Value Unit for a Supplier information session to learn about scoring Social Value on IT & Services Public Contracts in NI.

When? Tuesday 30th April from 10am – 11:30am 

This session will focus on IT & Services public contracts in Northern Ireland. It will:

• Profile Third Sector organisations who are interested in partnering with suppliers to deliver Social Value requirements

• Outline the social value approaches public bodies in Northern Ireland use in public tender competitions

• Explain how public bodies in Northern Ireland score social value in public tender competitions in accordance with PPN 01/21 – Scoring Social Value.

• Set out the submission requirements for social value award criteria

• Share useful tips to help suppliers respond to social value award criteria

• Detail how public bodies in Northern Ireland monitor and manage the delivery of social value requirements

Register below to attend this online session. Zoom joining details will be shared a few days beforehand.

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