Rural Action

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Name: Rural Action
About: Voluntary, Community or Social Enterprise organisation
Address: Administration Building, Loughry College, Cookstown, Tyrone, BT80 9AA
Primary Contact Teresa Canavan
Telephone: +447768483289
Mobile: +447768483289
Location(s): Antrim, Armagh, Derry~Londonderry, Down, Fermanagh, Tyrone
Clause(s): Business development and knowledge sharing, Community engagement events, Micro enterprises in the supply chain, Skills development and educational attainment, Support for the VCSE sector, Use of social enterprises in the supply chain
Priorities: Children and young people, People at risk of criminality / with an offending background, People from deprived areas, People in or leaving education, People who are considered to be disadvantaged in the labour market, People who are long-term unemployed, People who need support with mental or physical wellbeing, Women from socially deprived areas

Rural Action is a regional rural charity. Our vision is to support living, working, sustainable and shared communities. We primarily work with and support the community voluntary sector to engage in projects and programmes designed to make a positive contribution to the everyday lives of rural people. As a Managing Agent for the International Fund of Ireland we work across all of Northern Ireland with communities delivering the IFI Personal Youth Development Programme supporting young people not in education, training or employment. We work with communities who own or manage community halls/buildings supporting volunteer development and sustainability. We seek to inspire community action through our own Rural Action financial awards that recognise community led local development and support communities to undertake small local community based projects anything from small scale environmental schemes to local crafts, community events, men sheds, youth, women, health & wellbeing projects. We are an OCN accredited centre and deliver the Managing your Space programme, helping community groups in the management of community assets.


Rural Action

Administration Building, Loughry College, Cookstown, Tyrone, BT80 9AA