PROSPER Consortium

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Name: PROSPER Consortium
Address: 60 Eastermeade Gardens , Ballymoney, Co Antrim BT53 6BD, Ballymoney, Antrim, BT53 6BD
Primary Contact Victoria Redmond
Telephone: 07813295678
Location(s): Antrim, Armagh, Down, East Belfast, Greater Belfast, North Belfast, South Belfast, Tyrone, West Belfast
Clause(s): Equality, diversity and inclusion strategy for the contract, Health and wellbeing initiatives, Micro enterprises in the supply chain, Paid employment, Paid employment for education leavers, Paid employment for long term unemployed, Skills development and educational attainment, Unpaid work placements, Use of social enterprises in the supply chain
Priorities: Children and young people, People from a minority ethnic background, People from deprived areas, People in or leaving education, People who are considered to be disadvantaged in the labour market, People who are long-term unemployed, People with a disability, Refugees and asylum seekers, Women from socially deprived areas

PROSPER Programme
(Lead Partner: Triangle Housing)

PROSPER is a unique collaborative programme offering a distinct range of opportunities and support, utilising experiential learning within award-winning Social Enterprises, highly effective employment services and bespoke employer-focused academies. PROSPER will “engage with economically inactive people, including those with a disability to participate in opportunities to get results and retain employment achieving success”. It will be delivered by 5 organisations: Triangle Housing Association (Lead partner), Stepping Stones NI, Compass Advocacy Network (CAN), Access Employment Ltd (AEL) and The Appleby Trust, maximizing value for money through partnership. PROSPER will deliver services to 80% of the geographical area of Northern Ireland, by providing intensive wrap-around support for economically inactive people, focusing primarily on those with a disability, neurodiversity, autism and/or mental health issues.
We will engage with 1688 people supporting 404 participants into employment over 2 years. By taking an individualised approach, this project will support individuals to:
• Gain and sustain employment
• Increase numeracy level and life skills
• Maximise inclusion
• Reduce poverty
• Increase health and wellbeing
• Realise their full potential
• Progress in their career


PROSPER Consortium

60 Eastermeade Gardens , Ballymoney, Co Antrim BT53 6BD, Ballymoney, Antrim, BT53 6BD