Pinnacle Growth Group

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Name: Pinnacle Growth Group
Address: 42 Bachelors Walk, Lisburn, Antrim, BT28 1XN
Primary Contact Johnny Tremlett
Telephone: 02892636713
Mobile: 07395335822
Location(s): Antrim
Clause(s): Micro enterprises in the supply chain

Pinnacle Growth Group is a micro-business. It is a business advisory company based in Lisburn, servicing organisations in the private, public and VCSE sectors through provision of services across grants & funding, sales and export growth and business improvement. We have delivered projects including project and programme evaluations, strategy development and financial analysis and improvement and supported organisations improve their operations and achieve growth goals and objectives.


Pinnacle Growth Group

42 Bachelors Walk, Lisburn, Antrim, BT28 1XN