Diversity Mark

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Name: Diversity Mark
Address: Glandore, 41 Arthur Street, Belfast, Antrim, BT1 4GB
Primary Contact Orla McKeating
Email: orla@diversity-mark-ni.com
Mobile: 07719649085
Website: www.diversity-mark-ni.com
Contract Type(s): Construction Build, Construction Civil Engineering, ICT, Services, Supplies
Location(s): Antrim, Armagh, Derry~Londonderry, Down, East Belfast, Fermanagh, Greater Belfast, North Belfast, South Belfast, Tyrone, West Belfast
Clause(s): Digital inclusion initiatives, Equality, diversity and inclusion strategy for the contract, Health and wellbeing initiatives, Paid employment, Skills development and educational attainment
Priorities: Looked after children / care leavers, People at risk of criminality / with an offending background, People in or leaving education, People who are long-term unemployed, People with a disability

We are a leading body of accreditation for commitment to Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace awarded through independent assessment. We support and guide businesses on their DEI journey through the accreditation, guidance, and peer support. We are a non profit umbrella organisation of Women In Business NI.



Diversity Mark

Glandore, 41 Arthur Street, Belfast, Antrim, BT1 4GB