Colin Bridge CIC T/A Enviro Care

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Name: Colin Bridge CIC T/A Enviro Care
Address: Cloona House 31 Colin Road Belfast BT17 0LG, Belfast, United Kingdom, BT17 0LG
Primary Contact Seamus Corrigan
Telephone: 07801089036
Mobile: 07801089036
Location(s): West Belfast
Clause(s): Business development and knowledge sharing, Community engagement events, Environmental initiatives, Environmental strategy for the contract, Health & wellbeing strategy for staff, In-work progression and skills development for staff, Paid employment, Skills development and educational attainment, Support for the VCSE sector
Priorities: Children and young people, People from deprived areas, People who are considered to be disadvantaged in the labour market, People with a disability

Grass, hedge, scrub pruning and hard surface maintenance, weed control

Colin Bridge Community Interest Company, T/A Enviro Care (Enviro Care), Company number NI668615, is an outdoor maintenance, Social Economy business, whose surplus income, goes to support the actives of Colin Neighbourhood Partnership (CNP), Company limited by Guarantee, Company No. NI047757 and Charity No. 100092, based in Cloona House, 31 Colin Road, BT17 0LG, whose main activities revolve around the delivery of Early Intervention Programs, on behalf of various Health & Social Care Trusts, to families who may be experiencing difficulties.

Colin Bridge Community Interest Company T/A Enviro Care has no shareholding and no paid directors.

The company has been delivering outdoor services, to a wide range of customers, private, churches, business and industrial centres, housing associations and government bodies, NIHE, DOC, DFE, since 2009. We have multiple business arrangements the largest one valued £170K. We carry out regular grass and hedge cutting, hard surface maintenance, weed control, landscaping, planting as well as fencing and patio construction.

We create employment opportunities, through our social economy businesses like Enviro Care, for people in the area that have found employment difficult to find. Feedback from the community has been, that since Enviro Care have started delivering services, for statutory bodies, such as NIHE, Housing Associations and Department for communities, the quality of work has improved, primarily because it’s being delivered by people from the area, who have pride in their work and how the area looks.

We have all the necessary insurances and licenses required by Public Procurement bodies and all our work men have been professionally trained, with all the necessary certifications held on file, as well as being AccessNI checked.


Colin Bridge CIC T/A Enviro Care

Cloona House 31 Colin Road Belfast BT17 0LG, Belfast, United Kingdom, BT17 0LG