Carson Project

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Name: Carson Project
Address: 176 Queen Street, Ballymena, Antrim, BT42 2BQ
Primary Contact Jim McIlroy
Mobile: 07856 3992982
Contract Type(s): Construction Build, Construction Civil Engineering, Services
Location(s): Antrim
Clause(s): Digital Inclusion initiatives, Paid employment for education leavers, Paid employment for people 25 years old or over and unemployed for 12 months, Paid employment for people under 25 years old and unemployed for 6 months, Skills development and educational attainment initiatives, Support for the Voluntary, Community, Social Enterprise sector


Carson Project

176 Queen Street, Ballymena, Antrim, BT42 2BQ

The Carson Project was formed in 2009; initially, to work with Loyalist ex-combatants although this has developed and now we work with all strands of the community.

We work in a number of areas including and not specifically cultural and historical awareness, capacity building and empowerment, educational courses to provide employment opportunities, dealing with community issues which affect community cohesion.