Ark Community Gardens

Broker Details

Name: Ark Community Gardens
Address: 2A Corrigs Road, Newcastle, Down, BT33 0JZ
Primary Contact Joanna McCall
Telephone: 02843218118
Contract Type(s): Services
Location(s): Down
Clause(s): Business development and knowledge sharing, Health and wellbeing initiatives, Paid employment, Unpaid work placements
Priorities: People 25 and over who have been unemployed for more than 12 months and are seeking employment, People at risk of criminality / with an offending background, People who need support with mental or physical wellbeing, People with a disability, People with autism, People with learning difficulties

We are a Christian charity supporting vulnerable adults including those with mental illness and autism. We grow our own organic vegetables on site which we sell in our farm shop. We also have a Men’s Shed and Ladies Craft and Gardening groups.



Ark Community Gardens

2A Corrigs Road, Newcastle, Down, BT33 0JZ