NIPS – Provision of Visitor Centre Services Contract

The Northern Ireland Civil Service and its associated agencies are committed to the promotion of social inclusion and equal opportunities as key objectives in the Sustainable Development Strategy for Northern Ireland. As outlined within its Prisons 2020 strategy, the Northern Ireland Prisons Service (NIPS) is committed to rehabilitating and supporting people in their care to achieve better outcomes.

To support NIPS achieve these objectives, it was required as a condition of this contract that the successful Contractor deliver the following social considerations, which will help maximise value for money from NIPS’ investment in these services.

Work Experience
The contractor will provide 52 weeks of work placement opportunities per annum for prisoners/students participating in a NIPS Working Out Scheme as agreed with the Client.

The Contractor is to provide work placement participants with meaningful work experience, training and development which will enhance their opportunities for future employment. The nature of the work to be undertaken will be agreed with NIPS.

New Entrant Trainee Opportunities

40% of new paid personnel engaged on agreed roles within the contract should be New Entrant Trainees. To qualify as a New Entrant Trainee on this contract, candidates must be:

  • a person with criminal convictions who is seeking paid employment; or
  • a person who is recognised as being at risk of entering the criminal justice system, as accepted by the Client, at the Client’s discretion.

The contract was awarded to NIACRO in October 2019. NIACRO is a voluntary organisation which has been working for almost 50 years to reduce crime and its impact on people and communities.