Aisling’s story

Fox Building & Engineering Ltd. are the main contractor working on the Strule Shared Campus construction project. They are also the main contractor on the Strathroy Link Road construction project in Omagh. Both of these projects have a Buy Social target to deliver employment opportunities for people who are long term unemployed or leaving education.

Aisling, who is now the Marketing & Communications Co-ordinator at Fox’s, benefitted from the Buy Social requirement on these contracts.

Here’s her story:

Before I came to work at Fox Building & Engineering Ltd., I had been unemployed for over a year. After trying fruitlessly to gain employment in another industry and feeling fairly dejected and demoralised, I applied for a role of part time administrator with Fox Building & Engineering Ltd. Fox’s Social Impact Manager spotted creative potential in my CV and offered me the role of Marketing & Communications Co-ordinator – essentially a role that hadn’t existed in the company before.

I was delighted with the job offer, having never considered a career in the construction industry, thinking it was all hard hats and muddy boots… I had no concept of the varied disciplines and activities that take place. I have been able to use my creative skillset in many different areas, creating brochures, website and social media content, and presentations, as well as take part in the community engagement aspects of the construction projects. Every day is different.

What I love most about the job is the opportunity to work with such a varied bunch of people, learn about the fantastic opportunities that are available through the industry and to be of service in the communities we work in. I have been trained on how to use a drone for progress documentation and social media content and I have been able to assist a fellow colleague, hired in partnership with Disability Action, to use the drone too – a task which has given me great job satisfaction.

My role at Fox Building & Engineering Ltd. has really opened my eyes to what’s really out there in terms of a satisfying and fulfilling career. I thoroughly enjoy my job and have developed so much already, not just in knowledge about the industry but in confidence in myself and what I am truly capable of. I am so grateful for this opportunity, which is a result of Buy Social.


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