Women Centre Derry

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Name: Women Centre Derry
Address: 5 Guildhall Street, Derry, Derry, BT48 6BB
Primary Contact Catherine Barr
Email: Catherinebarr@womencentre.co.uk
Telephone: 028 7126 7672
Website: www.thewomenscentre.co.uk
Contract Type(s): Services
Location(s): Derry~Londonderry


Women Centre Derry

5 Guildhall Street, Derry, Derry, BT48 6BB

WCD promotes women’s equality and access to education, employment, social & economic life. Women Centre Derry provides women with qualification and skills to enter the labour market.

We enable women to build confidence, self-esteem and improve their transferable skills. We also work very closely with BAME women including, refugees and asylum seekers. We run various wellbeing programmes and provide support and advocacy for women suffering from maternal mental health. Women centre Derry also has an onsite creche for children 8 weeks to 4-year olds.  All women engaging in programmes can access these services.  WCD also supports children in disadvantaged communities to give them the best start in life.  Women Centre Derry has a social enterprise called WISERNI which is to promote Womens Innovation, Skills, Education, Research.  All profits made by WISERNI goes back into to supporting Women Centre Derry.