Lagmore Community Forum

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Name: Lagmore Community Forum
Address: 12a Lagmore Drive, Belfast, Antrim, BT17 0TG
Primary Contact Maire Scott
Telephone: 02896949355
Mobile: 07729362061
Location(s): Antrim, Greater Belfast, West Belfast
Clause(s): Community engagement events, Environmental initiatives, Equality, diversity and inclusion strategy for the contract, Financial donations to support people in NI to gain ICT Qualifications, Health & wellbeing strategy for staff, Health and wellbeing initiatives, Human rights / modern slavery, In-work progression and skills development for staff, Paid employment, Skills development and educational attainment, Support for the VCSE sector, Unpaid work placements
Priorities: Children and young people, People experiencing homelessness, People from a minority ethnic background, People from deprived areas, People in or leaving education, People who are considered to be disadvantaged in the labour market, People who are long-term unemployed, People who need support with mental or physical wellbeing, People with a disability, Refugees and asylum seekers, Women from socially deprived areas

LCF promotes the benefit of and develops the capacity and skills of the inhabitants of Lagmore and beyond. Our work creates a more confident, educated and healthy community. An example is recently we ran a cook it project, which included healthy eating on a budget. Following this people are more aware of how to budget, and provide healthy meals for their family. It also provided social interaction between local residents and generations. This has given people the confidence to participate more in local events. We hope to continue to empower local residents, through further activities and events. We aim to relieve poverty and unemployment for local residents. The direct benefit which flows from this includes reduced unemployment locally. For example, we have worked with job assist, to help people establish a route back to employment. Another direct benefit through the relief of poverty is increased information for the local community. For example we provide access to information on housing, benefits, return to employment. We also host intergenerational events which help reduce isolation locally. Liaising with the statutory authorities, voluntary organisations and inhabitants in a common effort to advance education and urban regeneration, with the object of improving the conditions of life for residents. This will result in a more skilled community, more confident and knowledgeable about opportunities. Local resident’s also have a link to statutory bodies.


Lagmore Community Forum

12a Lagmore Drive, Belfast, Antrim, BT17 0TG