Compass Advocacy Network Ltd

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Name: Compass Advocacy Network Ltd
Address: 32 Lislagan Road, Ballymoney, Antrim , BT53 7DD
Primary Contact Kevin Duffy
Telephone: 07507380702
Location(s): Antrim
Clause(s): Health and wellbeing initiatives, Paid employment for education leavers, Paid employment for long term unemployed
Priorities: People with a disability

Every single one of our projects was born from the idea of just one person, and have flourished from there to how we deliver them now. We want people with learning disabilities, Autism and mental health issues to be able to realise their potential in work, social and community activities – in every aspect of their lives. This aim keeps us grounded and focused on being accessible, inclusive and supportive. We always strive to do the alongside, and for the people we serve. Our vision influences everything we do: the services we deliver, the projects we develop, the ideas we share, the activities, organisations and campaigns we get involved in. This vision ensures we are always improving and developing ways to better deliver our projects. Can recently purchased an 11 acre farm (Lislagan Farm)on the outskirts of Ballymoney and have started on road to developing the site for the benefit of people with disabilities and the wider community. If you like to know more about our exciting vision for Lislagan Farm or want to get involved please contact us.


Compass Advocacy Network Ltd

32 Lislagan Road, Ballymoney, Antrim , BT53 7DD